Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed slams ‘disgraceful’ Ross Taylor after ODI defeat!

Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed has slammed Ross Taylor as “disgraceful” after the New Zealand batsman mimicked Mohammed Hafeez’s bowling action during Wednesday’s ODI match in Abu Dhabi.

Taylor made a bent-arm gesture towards Hafeez, who was bowling at him, suggesting the off-spinner was bowling with an illegal action.

Hafeez was cleared to return to bowling in April after being reported for a fourth time by the International Cricket Council for breaching the permitted 15 degrees of flex.

Sarfraz exchanged words with Taylor and complained to the umpires.

“He has no business to make that action in front of everyone, especially to see that on the television. It was disgraceful,” Sarfraz said after Pakistan’s 47-run defeat.

“It is not his job. His job is to bat and he should be focusing on that. What I told the umpires was the action that he showed wasn’t sportsmanship.

“First of all, he shouldn’t have done that because it is the duty of umpires to look into it. He reacted two, three times and being a professional cricketer he shouldn’t have done that.

“If he wanted to make a point, he could have reported to the umpire, instead making such actions on the field. I don’t see any problem in Hafeez’s action. He has clear action and I feel he was trying to create an issue out of nothing.”