Pakistan to observe solidarity with Kashmir on August 14.

Kashmir has always been a bone of contention between India and Pakistan. Recently, on August 5, India took an illegal and unilateral move and claimed the Occupied Jammu and Kashmir to be theirs. Coupled with this, they also attempted to change the demography of the disputed area by mass murder killings of Muslims in the area.

Muslims of all over the world are deeply saddened on the predicament that has befallen Kashmiris. For this reason, the Government of Pakistan has decided to observe Independence Day that is August 14, as a Kashmir solidarity day. While August 15, which is India’s day of Independence will be marked as a Black Day because of the recent tension created by the Indian Government.

In addition to this, the notification issued by the Ministry of Interior said that our national flag would be flown half-mast throughout the country on August 15. Along with this notification, the Pakistani Government has also unveiled the logo based on the slogan ‘’Kashmir banega Pakistan’’.

In this logo, Kashmir is written with a red colour that indicates the sacrifices made during the struggle for freedom. Pakistan’s flag represents the spirit of Pakistani’s to go to any extent to fight for the freedom of Kashmiris. And the red border shows the Indian atrocities in the Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Pakistanis’ are urged to use the hashtag #kashmirbanegaPakistan and share this logo on their social media profiles as much as possible, to support Kashmir in the times of utmost destruction and despair.