Pakistani man forced Starbucks to apologize after his video of staff mistreatment went viral

A kind-hearted Pakistani man has won our hearts with his act of kindness and standing up for justice for a homeless man.

It all started when the Pakistani businessman spotted a homeless man looking for leftover food and asking people if they could help him buy some food. After no one paid any attention to him, it was Sajid Kahloon who decided to help the poor man. The Pakistani businessman bought him a sandwich and a chocolate cake worth £8.45.

The homeless man then set at the outside tables of Starbucks and this is where the whole thing started. A couple of Starbucks officials decided to ask him to move off their property. It was because he smelled bad and was wearing torn up clothes. Mr. Sajid was seeing the whole incident from the inside where he was having his lunch. He decided to help the poor guy one more time.

Starbucks has apologised after one of its baristas told a homeless man to leave one of its shops, even though another customer had bought him some food.

Sajid Kahhllon said he spotted the man searching for leftovers on the tables outside a branch in Southend, Essex.

“It was painful to see that someone had to search for food like that,” he said. “I asked him if he was hungry and if he would like me to buy him some food? He replied yes in a very weak voice.”