Patangeer tells us that when there’s a will, there’s a way!

It’s commonly known that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Similar is the case with this young couple who are the digital creators of Patangeer.

Be it Pakistan’s natural beauty or the deep rooted love for their father’s vintage car, this couple was simply unstoppable! They refurbished their father’s vintage fiery red Ferrari to take a trip up north. They must have had an adrenaline rush with the color red that most probably encouraged them to hit the road.

Lately they’ve released their first episode and we’re inquisitive to know the details of their entire trip. Exploring the northern areas of Pakistan is a unique experience on its own. Exotic landscapes, pristine destinations, hospitality and generosity of the locals, vibrant rituals and of course the flavorsome food is truly captivating in their vlog. One genuinely feels excited while watching their journey.

The amazing two brands: McDonald’s and Shell have thoroughly supported and supplied fuel for their journey. With McDonald’s extensive food chains in almost every nook and corner all across the country, it is extremely convenient to fulfil your hunger pangs while travelling.

After watching this video, one truly feels like packing their bags and setting off for the highway, what are your views?