Imran Khan shared all spheres of his life, from his cricket profession to his political experiences and thoughts regarding Pakistan, its development and economic growth. He was asked about his published book “Pakistan: A Personal History” and also about his thoughts and views with reference to the empowered governments of Pakistan. Mr. Khan was seen to answer all questions bluntly without any reluctance, or any fear of possible threats and discrepancies.

Mr. Khan stated that to run a country like Pakistan, one has to be strong both mentally and physically keeping in view the situations that one suffers in a country like ours. Nevertheless, it all began with the initial change that took place within him, from a world class and legendary cricketer to a politician. He said that sports had always been in him since childhood but leadership is something that he built in himself for the sake of his team and now his nation. It was just a matter of time that the change settled in, saying that ‘faith is really what changes you.’ Continuing, he said that it was his mission in life that changed him. Before setting his feet into politics, Mr. Khan had begun collecting money for a cancer hospital in Pakistan. He used to find it a loss in his dignity to ask his father for money, but the faith to do something different made him go out in the streets of Pakistan and collect for a cause.

While enlightening about the membership campaign Imran Khan explained that it is something exclusive and different from the old membership scenario. He further stated the membership campaign is 21st century style of politics. With the assistance of technology, the party communicates in a more interactive form with the members. District management in various constituencies is more easy and flexible and this is what we call the new era of politics.



Talking about his focus and efforts towards Karachi, he expressed that amongst all the other politicians he is the only one who has focused more towards Karachi than any other leaders who are rather more interested in travelling abroad than focusing on their own cities and the people who vote for them. Other than that PTI is a federal party and has a lot of responsibility on its shoulder. Even though PTI can form a government without the support of Karachi, he believes that Karachi is essential for the progress of Pakistan. He also expressed that Karachi has one the most sensible populaces and will definitely support PTI and their cause for a better Pakistan.

While reverting to a question about a recent incident where PM’s son manhandled one of the PTI members, he elaborated that he was thrashed not directly by the PM’s son but his guard. Upon being asked about the biggest issue currently being faced by Pakistan, he expressed the biggest and the utmost issue that needs to be solved is corruption. He further stated that venality is the main reason of a country’s poverty. Pakistan is not a third world country due to lack of resources but owing to corruption. Talking about revolution and change he stated there have been many positive changes in KPK, be it hospitals, law enforcing agencies, schools, future investments or bureaucracy. He further enunciated that this is actual change and not just constructing roads and buildings like the Sharif brothers and their government. Rather than concentrating on the cosmetic changes we need to focus on more importing things like education and health which is the future of our nation. He further revealed that KPK’s annual development fund is just a slight percentage of what has been spent on Lahore precisely. Spending the entire development fund on one city is not what we consider development, it’s just a false mirage that has been shown to the innocent people of Pakistan.

He says he is against all terrorism. “My tradition is of a more Sufi style of Islam,” he explains, a mystical path very different from the Taliban’s literalism.

Khan seethes at both Barack Obama and Donald Trump, who is presiding over “absolute civilisational decay”. He may feel at liberty to lash out at the US, but he is terse to the point of monosyllabic on the China of Xi Jinping, who is pouring $62 billion into Pakistani infrastructure.


Imran Khan’s fear of instability of the government is of his latest challenge to Sharif’s government based on the leaked documents from the Panama-based Mossack Fonseca law firm that have clearly declared prime minister’s daughter and sons owning offshore holding companies. Khan further elaborated that his decision to downplay his party’s calls to “lock down” the city roads and paralyze the capital after the Panama Leaks was something that prompted the authorities to ban all public gatherings. Claiming in an interview that his previous rallying cries for supporters to stop the government functioning were not a direct threat, but rather a prediction. “When you see a million people in Islamabad, trust me, the city will shut down.”

PTI chief also believes that all the elections till date had only been a result of rigging, rigging and only rigging. He claimed that no government t could actually stand grounds onto confirming that they had won solely on organic votes. The election campaign is a very well organized system of rigging, he said, adding that everyone can predict who is going to reign for the next five years. He said that if this democracy then unfortunately, feudalism has yet not died in Pakistan.

Answering to the question regarding our leadership of Pakistan all he alleged that the current ‘so-called’ democratic system was nothing but a child’s play and fraud. He defined the system of democracy; ‘for the people, by the people and of the people,’ however in Pakistan he said that this system is only for some elite and populated political groups. He said that they have forgotten death, religion, and the fear of God.

Mr. Khan saluted the Pakistan Army claiming that it was undoubtedly playing a vital role. He said that if only the judicial system of Pakistan would have been as strong as the Army, there would have been even lesser subjects to complain about. Moreover the Pakistan Army may just be the nation’s only hope but with the upcoming elections, if we all stood against the system of rigging and un-ruled power of the unwanted then we the people were enough to elect the best for the nation.
Coming out of the political agenda, Mr. Khan told us about Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust and how it felt when people expressed so much regards in return. He said that it is the most fulfilling achievement in a man’s life. You see, people lose hope thinking that cancer is something incurable and when it happens to a young child, only his/her mother can feel the pain. And when you become a ray of hope for such people, it is undoubtedly the most satisfactory moment in your life.

Imran Khan enunciated that the importance of SKMCH&RC lies not only in the fact that it is the first specialized cancer centre for the treatment of cancer in Pakistan, but in the hope that it symbolises and in the amazing story of its creation. He claimed that 2017 will be yet another eventful year for the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust. He added that the ongoing construction of SKMCH&RC in Karachi will thus be of immense importance for such poor cancer patients, who will be able to access comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic cancer facilities under one roof. He claims to establish two existing state-of-the-art cancer centres and to commence the construction of the Hospital in Karachi and the Clinical Tower in Lahore in the ear 2017.


Imran Khan’s message to the youth is that the Youth which has to realize that if they decide to leave the Nation and settle abroad, there will come a time when they will be asked to leave and return back to their homeland as a third world war has already initiated on discrimination, based on religion and race. It is only disappointing to see that the youth of Pakistan is so intelligent and powerful, however, is unable to show what it’s capable of. “This is your country! No one will come from outside to mend it, to run it.” He said that it is the youth that is the actual hope and that is why he has voiced revolution with them and awoken them for their part is the most vital to bring change and turn the tables.

Mr. Khan ended it off saying that “This country will go through its biggest change ever. A revolution is coming.” Talking about cricket Imran Khan said he will change cricket into an institution and Pakistan will develop as a power house of cricket in the future.