PM Imran Khan highlights Pakistan’s export potential at China International Import Expo

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday addressed the inaugural session of China International Import Expo as a keynote speaker.

The prime minister shed light on Pakistan’s export potential at the expo being held in Shangai, eying trade balance with China. There is big trade imbalance due to high imports from China and the current government has focused to raise exports to the friendly state to arrest the widening difference.

Pakistan is a key country to export textile and sports items, he said, adding that export of surgical items also important.

Highlighting the significance of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Imran Khan said that the multi-billion dollar is beneficial for both countries and it will connect to the Middle East and Gulf region. He added that the CPEC will usher in the vista of opportunities in the region.

Talking about his party’s slogan of change, he said that his government’s key objective is to establish a system based on transparency and accountability.

He thanked Chinese officials for hospitality, adding that the love between both countries did not only exist on a state-to-state level but could also be witnessed on people-to-people basis.

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