Polaroid is releasing a new photo-printer and we are loving it !!

Polaroid trend its on its peak and the company is taking full advantage of that.

Polaroid Originals looks to ensure the craze is here to stay by introducing the all-new Polaroid Lab.

Polaroid Lab is an instant camera that turns digital into analog, meaning you can transform the photos from your phone into Polaroid pictures. It functions as a mini tabletop darkroom with a three-lens developing system that utilizes Polaroid chemistry.

Simply select an image from your phone in the Polaroid app, then place your phone facing downwards on the Polaroid Lab platform. Upon pressing the red button, the picture is projected onto film and recast into an instant photo that ejects from the Lab. You can also use the Polaroid app to experiment with image collages and augmented reality figures.

The CEO of the company said in a statement, “The idea behind the Polaroid Lab is that it turns your most precious smartphone photos into tangible Polaroid photographs – bringing them into the world as something you can hold in your hand and store on the fridge door rather than in the cloud”.

It said to be launching on October 10 through Polaroid Originals.