Ramin Djawadi just reveled a mysterious Daenerys song that didn’t air !!

We are all obsessed with the GOT theme song, it is one of the most iconic OST of any series we have heard.

But there’s a mystery to be solved, “Stay a Thousand Years” was an unusual song from HBO’s officially released “Game of Thrones” season eight soundtrack,the choral performance of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow’s theme song composed by  Ramin Djawadi calls it never aired.

Ramin Djawadi said in a interview ” Many times when I come to the end of the season and I’m done writing music for the show, feel I want to write another piece, I just can’t quite let go yet. So then I’ll just write something and stick it on the album. That’s just really just me having fun.”

But according to several news,  the song was linked to a deleted scene from the eighth season premiere, it was really just written as his final goodbye to the series.

He said this isn’t the first time music that wasn’t intended for a specific scene has appeared on the officially released soundtrack. He wrote the choir-based song “Dark Wings, Dark Words” just for the season three soundtrack, though later that melody was heard on season four.

The title for this track comes from the line Daenerys says to Jon after their dragon ride on the eighth season premiere. After flying to a remote swath of land in the North where waterfalls cascaded down to the snowy land, Dany turned to Jon.

“We could stay a thousand year, No one would find us”.

The season eight soundtrack is streaming now on Apple Music and more.

Ramin Djawadi is once-again nominated for best original dramatic score at the upcoming Emmy Awards, which air on September 22, 2019.