Ranveer Singh makes special appearance in Ali Zafar’s ‘Teefa in Trouble’!

Ali Zafar and Maya Ali’s ‘Teefa in Trouble’ has opened in Pakistani cinemas this weekend and the film is mostly getting positive reviews from the fans. However, apart from Ali’s stellar performance, the movie also has Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh.

Ranveer has a special appearance in the film, which was kept as a surprise till the day of the release. The film narrates the tale of a young man (Ali) who wants to open a tikka shop called Teefey Ke Tikke. When he finally achieves his dream, the film ends with Ranveer endorsing his brand.

The movie ends with a huge billboard of Ranveer Singh shown eating a tikka and endorsing Teefay de tikkay.

Talking about Ranveer’s endorsement, Ali told a Pakistani tabloid, “I told him I wanted a picture of him eating a tikka for that sequence and he said that was no issue. He took a picture and sent to me.”

Ranveer and Ali share a very good rapport, as both appeared in a Bollywood film ‘Kill Dill’ alongside Parineeti Chopra. They bonded very well on the sets of Bollywood film and became great friends. So when Ali asked for this favour from Ranveer, he was only too happy to oblige.