Rare collection of pictures that will make you reminisce the war of 1965

Today, September 6 is celebrated all over Pakistan as Defence Day. It was this day in 1965 when India launched its forces and attacked Pakistan across the border without a formal declaration of war.

It mainly attacked the regions of Lahore, Sialkot and desert areas of Sindh. The seventeen-day battle witnessed the use of modern weapons including British self-propelled guns made in 1940, tanks which were used by the United States in World War II, air-crafts, counter-battery radars and so on.

The valiant soldiers of Pakistan Army however, fought with full spirits and pilots of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) displayed their skills and courage in the skies badly defeating the enemies. Some prominent heroes of the war were Major Aziz Bhatti, MM Alam, Sarfaraz Ahmed Rafiqui, Imtiaz Bhatti and many more.

Here’s a collection of pictures from the war.


Pakistani soldiers posed for a picture in front of a captured tank of India’s Poona Horse Regiment.


Left: Turkish and Iranian nurses treating the injured soldiers. Right: Then President and Field Marshal Ayub Khan presenting Nishan-e-Haider to Major Aziz Bhatti’s widow.

When 40 Indian aircrafts were destroyed by the valiant pilots of PAF.

Helmet and rifle of Major Aziz Bhatti, resting on the spot where he fell after being hit by an Indian shell. 

And this is how the newspapers published the war news.