A rare pink dolphin, which is almost extinct, gives birth to a new born!

A pink dolphin was spotted near the Calcasiey River in Louisiana. This pink dolphin is almost extinct and recently gave birth to a newborn.

This type of dolphin came into limelight almost 12 years ago. A captain of a ship was the first one to spot the mammal. The video, which went viral, was posted on the Facebook page of dolphin, which is “Pinky”, kept after her name.

Experts say that the reason for the unique color of dolphin is due to genetic mutation. The international union for conservation of nature (IUCN) categorize the dolphin as endangered animal, as its population is decreasing.

The person who captured the film explained that the dolphin is pink from top to tail and has red eyes. This dolphin normally swim under the water and rarely comes out in the open.

These endangered species must be kept in an monitored environment, so that they don’t have any harm. Similarly there are a lot of other species which needs conservation and monitoring.