Realizing Your Self-Worth

A journey to peace

“I am useless, my existence is just worthless”

I whispered as I slid my blanket and pushed myself on the bed. This tiny yet deep thought crosses my mind every night.  The unkind muttering of people that, “I cannot do anything in life”, twinge my ears to an extent I can’t let myself to sleep.

It’s been 6 months since I graduated and at this point of time I have no idea what to do in life. The dilemma of choosing what is right and what is wrong troubles me, while everyone around keep telling me to accomplish things that I have not yet accomplished. I felt I was travelling in a boat of hopelessness and desolation where everyone had expectations that I hadn’t yet met. I was questioned and judged for my sluggish progression in life and how I was unable to make things right. This made me wondered my purpose of existence; I wondered why I even exist when I can’t accomplish anything and not make anyone satisfied?

All these thoughts started inching up and building over time till I started blaming everyone but myself for the chaos of agony I had fallen into. I became numb with this fear of not being socially accepted. Everything around me started to fall apart, my self-esteem started to suffer and at this very moment I felt inferior to everyone.

But then comes the TURN — after a very long suffering and distress, I decided to shut this voice in my head that kept telling me I am worthless. And this was the time I realized, we are too focused on becoming a version of ourselves that others wanted. We tend to do things which will make us socially acceptable, while we totally forget our original self our self-worth.

It’s high time we realize that we cannot please everyone so conforming to the expectations of others and pleasing them will not lead to contentment anyway. The real happiness is within, it comes from being fulfilled with and proud of yourself.

In this piece I would like to highlight these few tips that will definitely make you realize your importance,

Self-Worth Tip #1 — Embrace your qualities
Be you and own your differences for that makes who you are.

Self-Worth Tip #2 — Have positive self-esteem
Shut your inner voice when it exaggerates, stay positive.

Self-Worth Tip #3 — Make your presence feltBe confident and inspire others.

Self-Worth Tip #4 — Do what you love
Stop overthinking and start enjoying.

Self-Worth Tip #5 — Do not try to please or impress anyone but yourself
Remember when you start loving yourself, you will see life getting whole lot better and brighter.

Shine on! You are worth it.