Rihanna and Hassan Jameel are still together, well that’s a news!

Rihanna and her recent boyfriend Hassan Jamell are the limelight of the gossips. They have bee seen together on and off even after their split rumors. Recently Rihanna and Hassan Jameel were spotted together on a dinner date.

Saudi Billionaire Hassan Jameel and top singer Rihanna are keeping up contact and we are sure that the rumors are real and they have proved the world about their relationship. They were spotted outside a restaurant in Malibu, just three days before Christmas on Dec. 22.

Rihanna and Hassan made headlines on Nov. 27 after they reportedly had their first reunion in the public’s eye since their getaway to Mexico in July. RiRi and Hassan met up at the Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica last month and were “surrounded by bodyguards and entered the restaurant’s private room through the back door, before spending three hours at dinner,” according to the Daily mail source.

And we’ve got even more intel! Hassan and Rihanna, who have been associated with one another since the summer of 2017, returned to hook up during the holidays. And we’re not just talking Christmas. “They have been hanging up, a few times, off and on for a while again, since before Halloween and again over Thanksgiving,” a source close to Rihanna told.

”Rihanna likes Hassan a lot, so it was easy for her to hook up with him again a few times over the holidays. She even thought she was in love with him before their busy schedules interfered with their passionate relationship.”

Despite the hiatus from the public, they couldn’t keep apart from one another. “Rihanna still sees Hassan when she can, and when they do, the spark is still there,” the source added. “Rihanna and Hassan have amazing chemistry and she is not ready to let go of him completely.”