Saima Rashid Bargfrde is a Brussels-based, international celebrity hair designer, make-up artist and former model. Having worked in the fashion industry for more than two decades, Bargfrde’s portfolio encompasses groundbreaking pictorials and video work in Pakistan, the United States, Africa, and Europe.

What are your future plans?

Now that I have reached 45, I think I can work for 15 more years. I believe it’s the acceptance and appreciation that keeps you going and explore different horizons. I believe in living life to the fullest, I love to explore different continents, their culture keeping Pakistan as a base. No matter if I have blonde hair or whatever passport I have, I would remain a Pakistani and flaunt it well rather than denying it. I’ll keep on coming back, bringing different flavors from different places and keep on adding what I can give as a love and reward to my country and culture.

How do you describe Pakistan fashion industry?

There’s always a room for improvement so if we feel any progression that we have just nailed it, there is no such thing. Designers do think before designing a collection that it is sellable but sometimes you just create a statement, and it is important to have a bit of both. So I think we need to focus a little bit on that.

When did you realize a career as a Makeup artist was for you?

I started off very early- at the age of seventeen. I was a student of the Fine Arts and always had the tendency to be creative. I loved the instant change that came with makeup, so I would do it for my friends and family. Instead of becoming an artist who paints, I changed my course to working with people and realized I enjoyed having a face as a canvas to work and play with.

Tell us about your international projects?

I am working a lot for Vogue Belgium. I do mainly the vogue visit part, it is something when the magazine goes to anybody who is the CEO of a certain company who has made it to the top and we visit them to see the environment and how do they work. To see women of substance, so it’s not directly fashion but it is related to people who have created fashion and I think I am learning a great deal out of that.

Where or who do you get your inspiration from?

For me, the runway is a fashion bible. The trends seen at various fashion weeks are the ones that immediately translate to real life, and are an instant source of inspiration.

What are your favorite fashion and beauty trends this season?

I love the nude, no foundation look. Some trends you don’t follow in real life, and are meant for editorial shoots and runway, but I love rosy cheeks with a lot of mascara, paired with flat hair. Minimalistic and simple, but no one in our country follows trends, they always go with what they think is best for them.

Any message to your fans/followers?

Keep on following me, there’s more to come. I like to surprise myself and people around me. I think there is a lot to learn in life, don’t stop the learning. Keep your ego low, stay humble. The higher level of your profession becomes, the more humble you get, and the more people will love you. Always be approachable in life, I don’t believe in diva and stardom, that doesn’t exist for me because why would I want to take away the things that God has given me. I am a bit of a believer, I believe in karma, I believe in certain things and whatever you give comes back.

Rapid Fire!

Favorite model?

Anybody who has head on their shoulder, with good attitude.

Favorite color?

Black and white. Very black and white, inside out (laughs), trying to accept grays in life.

Friends from industry?

Quite a few, it’s a family we live in. Tehmina Khaled, Deepak Perwani, Andaleep Rana, Umer Mushtaq, AsimJofa, Farooq Mannan ,there are so many, I can’t label one or two people.

Name few things you can’t live without?

My moisturizer, lip balm, my hair in good condition!

Favorite designer?

I really respect Nilofer Shahid.

Your bag must haves?

Definitely my wallet, headphones and passport.

Name any celebrities you wish to style?


Describe yourself in one word?


Any desire?

The show must go on.

Favorite quote?

This shall pass too.