Set the mood with the perfect Artisan Cookies!

Hi I am Maleeha Yawer and I own The Cookie Kingdom! The Cookie Kingdom is a custom cookie bakery which is one of its kind here in Pakistan. We make cookies of all sorts and our star cookie is the portrait cookie. Here I hand paint intricate portraits on cookies. They look just awe inspiring and make my day.

The idea to start the Cookie Kingdom came from me wanting to do something for myself. I am a stay at home parent and as such needed something to do that didn’t involve playing with Lego or playdoh. My husband Yawer came up with the name and it was just perfect.

Fast forward to today! We make cookies that are so unique. Our cookie shapes are like nothing in Pakistan at the moment. It makes my day absolutely when people love my cookies because I work really hard on them. From managing events to making custom personalized cookie boxes, me and my team we do it all. The best part about cookies is you get to enjoy them for the longest time without any fear of them going bad. Unlike cakes or other deserts. That’s just like the cherry on top.

The Cookie Kingdom is really close to my heart. As such a lot of care is taken to make these cookies just right. We follow a lot of rules. Our icing is vegan to eliminate any chances of food poisoning. Majority of bakeries use raw egg white that pose a very real risk of a salmonella infection. We don’t use any form of plastic packaging in packing our cookies. We believe in running a sustainable business that doesn’t cause any harm to the environment around us.

Just because we love baking cookies doesn’t mean our environment needs to suffer! All our packaging is either readily recycled or biodegradable. We don’t use any single use plastics! Our country suffers with plastic waste so much as it is. We don’t want to ever contribute to that burden. That one thing I believe all businesses should keep in mind. Running a business is wonderful but so is being responsible with how that effects things around us. I was very fortunate that my husband and my family were incredibly supportive of me embarking on this journey.

I would not have been able to get this far had it not been for their immense support. People should be more supportive of women when they choose to follow their dreams. Given the right support, women can manage a family and their dreams. You just have to believe in them. And that belief can make magic happen