Shah Rukh Khan surprises a random Tik Tok user with a telephone call

Recently Shah Rukh Khan surprised a Tik Tok user with a telephone call. In the viral video, a Tik Tok user asked Shah Rukh to prove his identity again and again, as he did not believe he was really talking to King Khan.

The SRK’s Tik Tok video reveals a man having a conversation with Khan but unable to believe he is actually talking to Bollywood superstar. The user named AnshulKumar9468 can be heard exclaiming in disbelief repeatedly as both Shah Rukh and Raunac are seen having a laugh and spending a good time.

Shah Rukh tries to convince him that he is on the other side but the man refuses to believe him, saying “Aap Shahrukh Khan kaise ho sakte hain”?

Shah Rukh immediately responds saying it actually is him and to prove it, he can speak to his parents and also say any dialogues that he’d want.

The user asks him to say a dialogue from Chennai Express, one of his SRK’s films. After hearing the dialogue, the man can be heard saying, “Arre aawaaz toh wahi lag rahi hai,” as the video ends.

The video got multiple shares on social media sites within no time.

Here is the video: