Shahi is now a healthier choice for Supari lovers!

Recently I came across a video on internet where Faisal Qureshi and Ejaz Aslam highlighted the issue of betel nut mafia trading while causing severe damage to our economy. They also talked about how Shahi Foods was the one to come forward with this initiative to encourage people to stop consuming illegal betel nut. This should also encourage other manufacturers to stop the use of betel nut so that the mafia operating illegal could be exposed. Their campaign, #SayNoToSmuggledChalia is circulating on various social media platforms and creating a positive impact.

Betel nut or Chalia as most people refer to is consumed in the south Asian countries. But in recent times Pakistani Law authorities have banned the sale of Chalia, however the trade of betel nut is still active all over Pakistan. It is unfortunate that some supari manufacturers are still violating the law, Inspite of the strict action taken against those who were involved in the trade; still there is mafia who is operating illegally.

Until the trade of betel nut is made legal we have to boycott consuming those products which contain betel nut.

Our country is already facing an economic crisis, and at this point of time our country needs more funds to sustain the economic activity. Unfortunately the illegal trade of betel nut is causing our government millions of losses in form of taxes.

In our country there are few business entities who are complying with the laws, the rest are gaining profit from trade which is not regulated. However, Shahi Foods who has taken initiative #SayNoToSmuggledChalia, an effort to contribute to the country, they decided to stop the use of Betel nut until it’s made legal in Pakistan.  Shahi foods being the leading supari manufacturer, always believed in product quality and ethical practices.