Sham Idrees finally engaged to his best friend

Sham had been hyping up “September 18th” in a number of his videos, saying that it was going to be a ‘special day,’ and that he was going to propose to the woman he was going to marry. Obviously, all of his fans knew it was Froggy because literally who else on this planet would it be.

Recently rumors stated that Sham proposed Froggy but she said NO. Well it was definitely a twist in the story. Froggy confessed in a video where she explained that she rejected the proposal due to her health condition and didn’t want to hurt Sham.

So finally this roller coaster love story took a new turn when last night Sham officially proposed and Froggy said YES. As soon the news was shared it spread an air of positivity and love. The Fans of the fun couple are very excited and we all believe that they are definitely made for each other.

Here is the beautiful “Aww” moment for all the fans:

Sham wrote, “Thank you for always being here. This isn’t the final chapter of this project but this is the First chapter for the rest of our lives inshaa’Allah”