Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy aims to educate women about their legal rights pertaining to nikah nama

Many women in Pakistan don’t know about their rights written in Nikah Nama some of the pages in Nikah Nama are even crossed without the consent of knowledge.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoi in her latest Aagahi video aims to educate women about their legal rights pertaining to this marriage document. The third animated short film, “Know Your Nikahnama” explains the various sections in the nikah nama, highlighting important information that the bride should know before she signs this legal document.

The three-minute video clarifies the rights that might be presented to the bride to be by means of the nikah nama: what is given in the mehr, the privilege of separation (talak), and even the privilege to a foreordained money related stipend the spouse gives his significant other consistently, and so on.

The video incorporates contact data for different helplines, guiding administrations, and lawful help administrations accessible to individuals who may have inquiries concerning their nikah nama.

Aagahi is a seven-month venture in which 14 vivified shorts will be released under the SOC films standard. The instructive recordings will be two-three minutes in length and be described in Urdu (by Aaminah Sheik) and other territorial dialects. They will clarify and clear up the enactments that influence ladies and give a review of how the lawful arrangements conceded to them might be connected; it’s a truly necessary activity!