Sonam Kapoor decides to take a break from Twitter because of all the negativity & trolling

Recently, Sonam lands herself into trouble after calling a Twitter user ‘harasser’. This drama started when the actress got stuck in traffic while commuting in her car on Thursday afternoon. She took this situation to Instagram and vented out her frustration on her Instagram stories.

One of the Twitter user was quick to respond on this, he said, “It’s because of people like you who don’t use public transport or less fuel consumption vehicles. You know your luxury car gives 3 or 4 km per litre mileage and 10/20 AC’s in your house are equally responsible for global warming. First control your pollution.” Sonam was quick to clap back by replying “and it’s because of men like you that women find it difficult to use public transport for fear of being harassed.”

“I can take you to the court for this cuz I still believe I’m constitution. N i am not a judge without a degree like you.” The user threatened Sonam. Many other users joined to shame Sonam for her judgment and comments. She has now become a meme ust like Anushka.



After seeing all the negativity and trolling Sonam now wrote on her Twitter account that she is taking a break because of all the trolling.


However, the trolling just started and she just decided to leave Twitter and get rid of it. I think she should learn something from Anushka who was trolled a lot and see how positively she took all those trolling positively.

Both the situations were quite different but still if Sonam has called someone harasser randomly she should face the consequences rather than start running from it.