Stay order issued against ‘Maula Jatt’ producers

Bilal Lashari’s The Legend of Maula Jatt has been embroiled in major controversy for a long time. The producers of the film have been fighting a legal battle over its title, origin and names and there seems to be a new twist in the tale every now and then.

The Sindh High Court has issued a stay order against the owners of the original 1978 film Maula Jutt, stated a press release. In an ongoing legal battle between the producers of the original film and the makers of the upcoming remake, the Sindh High Court gave the order to Sarwar Bhatti, Mohammad Bahoo Sarwar and Mohammad Muttaqi Sarwar, thereby restraining them from slandering the upcoming film and its makers.

This order was issued by the Sindh High Court after Lahore High Court cleared that there is no stay order on The Legend Of Maula Jatt but still the other party didn’t refrain from it’s defamatory campaign. Therefore, a case was filed in the Sindh High Court, under the civil jurisdiction of Justice Junaid Ghaffar which resulted in a restraint order on the party making misleading and malicious claims about The Legend Of Maula Jatt.

In response, CEO of Bahoo Film Corporation, Mohammad Muttaqi gave his own statement on the matter. “First of all, as a society, we have to understand the meaning of the word ‘defaming.’ It means when you put false allegation on someone. As Sindh High Court says, we cannot defame The Legend of Maula Jatt and its team but it doesn’t say that we are not allowed to tell the truth and that we cannot talk about our ongoing cases against them in courts,” he said. “The order of the Sindh High Court clearly shows that the court was approached with some twisted facts. The stay order clearly mentions the order of Intellectual Property Tribunal but without the right context because the opponents only highlighted the part in the petition which they wanted to twist.”

He continued, “In the same Intellectual Property Tribunal, we had initiated contempt of court proceedings against using the title of our Maula Jutt and our content, despite the stay order on the title, as the rest of the suit is still pending in court about the other content of our film. Sindh High Court doesn’t know about the cases going on against the makers of The Legend Of Maula Jatt and we’ll surely present our cases before the Sindh High Court on the mentioned dates.”

The films producer also took to Twitter to share that Sarwar Bhatti and his clan, posing as the rightful owner of Maula Jatt’s rights for the past three years, have been exposed.