Stranger Things revealed their trailer for season 3!

Stranger Things just released their trailer for season 3 and this is what it might mean.

As you all know we are already very near to the season of Stranger Things. Netflix has just released the trailer and people are guessing what the story plot will be. Let’s spoil the suspense for those who did not have a sneak peek in the new trailer.

  1. The mall rats: With a teaser featuring the new Starcourt Mall in Hawkins along with a ton of hints that Russian spies may play a part of the third season, we think this title might allude to both of these things. In this way, the mall rats in question could be Dustin, Lucas, Max, Mike, Will, and Eleven, just enjoying the mall. 
  2. The Case of the Missing Lifeguard: With the show taking place during the summer, and Hawkins’ mayor a new featured character, fans have already been talking about how Jaws might be an influence on the third season. Could there be an aquatic version of the Demogorgon?
  3. The Birthday: We’re calling it right here and now. This has to be Eleven’s birthday, right? OK, so once again, this is pure speculation, but there wasn’t any birthday information on Eleven’s Hawkins lab doctored birth certificate which means she could have her birthday any time.
  4. The Battle of Starcourt: Lets spoil a little more. With Stranger Things first two seasons ending with huge showdowns in Hawkins’ middle school and Hawkins laboratory respectively, it makes sense to have an epic finale set piece happen at the mall.

I think that’s enough of spoiling. We are just guessing this might can happen in the upcoming series. We will keep updated you. Until then just enjoy the trailer friends.