Tanushree Dutta denies receiving legal notice from Nana Patekar

Reports suggested that the legal team of Nana Patekar has sent a legal notice to Tanushree Dutta. However, Tanushree, in her latest statement, revealed that she has not received any notice.

She said in the statement, “I have not received any notice. These threats are put so that others like me would be scared to come forward. Anyone with a similar experience who comes forward should not worry about these kinds of intimidation tactics. The whole nation will support them.  She further added “Things are happening exactly like the way they happened 10 years ago. Back then, Nana had threatened me with a lawsuit and he had left it at that. So, he’s using the same tactic again this time, to not only shut me down but others as well. Today, he and his lawyer are creating an atmosphere of fear among people, so that others, who have had a similar experience with him, don’t come out and share their stories. These are all methods to pressurize me. He’s scared that others, too, will come out and speak about the way he has behaved with them.”

She told, “I want them to send the notice. But where is it? He must have made it and shared photocopies of it with the media but he’s definitely not sent it to me. They are just pulling a bluff and con to stop other people from coming forward. Nana has behaved objectionably with many others, too.”
However, Nana’s lawyer Rajendra Shirodkar maintained that they have sent the legal notice. He stated, “I have got the acknowledgment that the notice has been received. As for her claims of pressure tactics, etc, assuming we have not sent (the notice), what pressure tactics is she implying?” He further adds, “Since the last five days, I’m hearing the same things. No one is threatening her; so what is she talking about? She’s got a cough, is under the weather… media is reporting it as if Nana is to blame for that, too. I don’t know why so much importance is being given to her. She has no credibility.”