Tired of boring nails? Here are some super-easy nail art ideas!

Here are some super-easy nail arts that can make your boring nails look fancy and your friends might think it took you hours.

  • Just one swipe:

Adding a single swipe of white to a dark colored nail is a great and easy way to accent the color.

  • Tape it: part2

Sometimes less is more. Create a super cool and minimalistic design with a piece of tape. Stick the tape diagonally over your nail and paint. When the polish is tacky remove the tape and let it dry a little more.

  • Easy DIY dots

Applying dots can be stressful and shaky, but you can do it with precision by using a bobby pin. Simple dip the round part of the bobby pin in the paint and start dotting it

  • Blinged-out

This edgy look combines street style with glam. Start with a dark base coat, and then add light swipes of silver and gold paint. Be sure to wipe the metallic paints on the top of the bottle a few times before using them so that you can see the bristles when you apply.

  • Mad splatter

What could be easier than just throwing the paint on your nails haphazardly? Get your base coat on, and then cover the area around your nails with tape. Now, use straws to splatter different colors of paint onto your nails.

  • Stone cold

Make your nails looks like precious stones easily with just some crumpled up plastic. Paint portions of a crumpled up ball of plastic with a metallic color, and then dab it onto your nails

  • Polka dots

Need a break from the classic french tip? Add a touch of fun to your nails with an upgraded polka-dot tip! All you need to create the perfect dot is the head of a pin or a bobby pin.