Top 8 Tips for Skin Care in Your 20s!

Skin care should be a fundamental part of every individual’s life and your 20s is when you need to start establishing a regime in order to prevent damage in the future. This is the time where you need to understand what your skin demands and how you can avoid any signs of ageing, wrinkles and fine lines while treating problematic skin as well before it’s too late. While each skin type is unique, here is a list of our top 8 tips for skin care in your 20s!

  1. Know your skin type

This is the first and most pivotal step, getting to know your skin and what it is longing for. Each person’s skin type varies on a lot of different factors such as your health, genetics and your surrounding environment. There is oily, dry, combination, acne prone or normal skin. When you begin to thoroughly grasp your skins desires, then you can start building on your skin care regimen and collecting products that are the right fit for your skin type.


2. Double cleanse

After a long day, all sorts of bacteria and grime gets built up on your skin and you typically want to come home and wash it off so that your face has no bacteria or residue left over. However, we generally get lazy and wash our face once. Let me tell you, double cleansing is CRUCIAL. The first wash is for all the dirt, bacteria or makeup to be removed so select a mild oil-based cleanser to remove that first layer. The second wash is for the skin beneath the surface to also be rid of all impurities that are pent up inside your pores so using a gentle mild foaming cleanser is perfect!


3. Wear SPF

The sun is a major contender in the reason for ageing and we have ways to prevent that! The sun’s ultraviolet rays affect your face and body on a daily basis, whether you’re in a car with the windows rolled up or taking a stroll at the beach with full exposure. SPF should be a part of every one’s skin care routine as it is the most beneficial when it comes to shielding yourself from the sun and damaging your skin. There are two types of ultraviolet rays: UVA and UVB. UVB rays are responsible for your skin getting sunburnt, while UVA is what speeds up the ageing process. The exposure to ultraviolet rays plays a significant role in damaging your skin and we can never catch a break from the sun in Pakistan so do stock up on SPF.


4. Invest in a good eye cream

Your 20s are when you should really take the time out and invest in a good eye cream. With pulling all-nighters for university or just a night out that hasn’t come to an end, your eyes need some moisture to prevent wrinkles, to keep them smooth and to keep them looking youthful and radiant. Try products that contain little retinol to boost collagen production around that area. Even if there are no signs of ageing and no wrinkles, your skin around the eye is extremely sensitive and requires the nourishment and hydration so adding an eye cream in to your regimen will go hand in hand with keeping your eyes at bay.


5. Exfoliate

Finding an exfoliator can be difficult, as you don’t want to use an extremely abrasive product on your face. There are many different types of exfoliators that prove to be less abrasive while also going deep into your pores and removing dead skin cells. You can look for grainy products such as scrubs or go for products that have specific acids or ingredients that still exfoliate the skin without being grainy, such as clay masks and gels. Be sure not to over exfoliate; once or twice a week is ideal!

6. Layer products in the right order

After splurging on skin care products with ingredients to better your skin, you need to be applying them in the right order. Applying the products in the right order is so that the products all prove to do their jobs rather than just slathering on different moisturizers and serums without it making any difference. Begin with double cleansing. After you’re done removing all the bacteria and dirt that was built up, you can begin exfoliating to remove any dead skin cells and really clean your pores. Next, apply a toner to remove anything left behind that the cleanser and exfoliator couldn’t reach, if you don’t use a toner skip this step. If you have problematic skin, now would be the time to apply any treatments. Proceed to a serum and then your eye cream to smooth out your under eyes. Apply your moisturizers and if you use any facial oils. Finally, if you’re going out in the sun, don’t forget your SPF!!


7. Set a morning and night routine

Establishing a routine for your skin care is crucial in your 20s to avoid later damage. Set a morning routine that maybe focuses on less oil-based products as we do live in Pakistan and cannot beat the heat. However, at night choose products that will hydrate your skin leaving it soft and supple for the next day.


8. Stay hydrated

WATER. WATER. WATER. I cannot stress this enough. Water is beneficial in so many ways so make sure to have at least 8 glasses a day. Water will help get rid of any toxins present in the skin or body and helps you achieve soft, supple and glowing skin. What more can you ask for?