Top Tips for Oily Hair in Karachi’s Scorching Heat

While Karachi’s weather seems to be getting warmer and warmer, we need some sort of solution to help the greasy mess our hair becomes in the summer. People with oily scalps know that summer is not their best friend. It causes your hair to look greasy, shiny (not in the way we want) and it can cause dandruff. So, how do we make our hair appear voluminous, healthy and just exude nothing but perfection?

Here are our top tips on helping your oily scalp in the summer:


1. Products you use make a difference
During the summer, especially in Pakistan, you have to be acknowledge the fact that the humidity around you will transfer moisture into your hair. Due to the humidity, you naturally start sweating and that sweat results in your hair becoming and looking greasy. The products you put in to your hair make a significant difference in the outcome you desire. If your hair is oily, go for products that are oil-free, lightweight, foaming or airy. Such as an oil-free shampoo, airy mousses and lightweight conditioners. However, do not use too many products.


2. Don’t put conditioner on your scalp
Putting conditioner on your scalp is a big NO! Applying conditioner on your scalp can aggravate your natural oils on your scalp causing the chemicals and oils to mix and form even oiler hair. Proceed with using conditioner after every wash as it nourishes our hair and leaves it looking shiny and soft, however focus more towards the middle section all the way to your tips where you really require the nourishment.


3. Use dry shampoo
Dry shampoo is a life saver when you’re in a rush, but your hair is looking slick, sticky and dirty. Dry shampoo is here to save the day by providing the appearance of fresh, clean and washed hair. Spray a little towards your roots so that the oil doesn’t spread all over and then continue with styling your hair as you please.


4. Don’t wash your hair everyday
Washing your hair every single day can remove some of the natural oils your hair requires resulting to way worse issues such as an itchy scalp or an over oily head. You should wash your hair every alternative day so that the natural oils that benefit your hair don’t get affected.


5. When you shower fully cleanse your hair
When you wash your hair, make sure that you fully cleanse your hair with shampoo. Begin by massaging in circular motions and move around your whole head. After, make sure you thoroughly wash your hair to ensure no residue is left behind of the shampoo or conditioner.


6. No hot showers
While many people will tell you that you will get sick if you shower in cold water, just do it for the hair! Washing your hair in lukewarm water is ideal, as hot water irritates the scalp and can cause dandruff. The same way we are told to avoid heating hair tools, avoid hot water for your hair.


7. Instead of brushing use a comb
Brushing your hair is okay, but in the summer choose a comb! When there is already oil producing on your scalp, you don’t want it to spread all over your hair. When you use a hairbrush, the oils from your scalp get brushed in to all your hair causing you whole head to be oily.


8. Don’t brush your hair too much
Brushing your hair too much can cause more oil on an already oily head as it stimulates the production of oil. As you brush, again the oil is distributed throughout your hair. Just stick to a comb and gently comb through your hair once or twice a day.


9. Resist touching your hair too much
Avoid touching your hair! Your hands touch so many different things throughout the day causing dirt and oil and if you proceed to touch your hair frequently, that dirt and oil will be transferred on to your hair. Even if your hands are washed, resist it as your fingers also produce oil and when in contact with oily hair it’ll just be a mess.

Having oily hair in the summer can be a major problem, so we hope that these simple tips bring you some sort of ease in styling your hair for a night out without looking like a greasy mess!