Traffic wardens told to delete games from mobile phones in Rawalpindi

Traffic wardens have been playing games in their phones while on duty. After complaints, the City Police Officer (CPO) Muhammad Faisal Rana directed the Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) to ensure traffic wardens do not have games on their phones while on duty.

Surprise checks on traffic wardens would be carried at various points and they will face departmental action if they are found inattentive, said the CPO.

A police spokesperson said the CPO has also sought reports from superintendents of police, sub-divisional police officers and station house officers on the implementation of his directives issued in a recent meeting with MNAs and MPAs.

Rawalpindi police would abide by and act on suggestions from parliamentarians with regards to community policing, rule of law and effective action against criminals, said the CPO.

Parliamentarians are asked to point out rotten eggs in the department so that strict action can be taken against them.