Only if I could turn back time!

This inner voice deep in myself asked, “If I could wish something?” and I immediately knew what I wanted!

Only if I could turn back time!

Only if I could go back to good old times, to the jovial days and to the happy laughters.

Recalling the old memories can actually arouse a number of feelings and emotions. It can be a shiver of excitement, the agony of grief, the ignite of anger or a flutter of regret. The recall of a memory can be enjoyable or painful but sometimes flashback is a joy. It’s like putting together the pieces of puzzle of previous experiences and enjoying the moment here and now.

There are moments I wish I could live again like going back in time to those perfect ticks, to the times I never wanted to end!

To the carefree days of school — to lots of leisure and lots of pressure, I still crave for that treasure.  To every moment I spent with friends, bunking through classes with spirals in hands. I really wish to turn back time!

To my best friend — to the silly times we laugh out loud, to the beautiful yet deep conversations we shared, to the times we stood for each other in joy or pain and to the times we almost went insane! Only if I could turn back time!

To the university trips I went to — to the moments we shared, the places we conquered, the songs to which we’d do our mountain dance, where did all this go in a single glance? And then I say only if I could turn back time!

To the concerts I attended — to the artists we hooted for, to the chilly nights with jackets on and singing the hits with music on. Only if I could turn back time!

Good memories are a treasure and no matter how desperately we want to turn back time to redo everything and relive every moment — we cannot. There is no way to do anything about it and in the end all we can say is, “happy times come and go, but the memories stay forever.”