The unbeknownst motorcycle effect

Now many of us may think ourselves as unpredejuice people, however such is not the case. Whether we like it or not all of us look at individuals on motorcycles in a certain manner, that certain manner of looking is the motorcycle effect.

See regardless of the individual’s background if we see them on a motorcycle we automatically assume it’s someone with a low-end job or someone who can’t afford another means of transport (car). Such may not be the case, we won’t even know anything about the said individual but we being the flawed creatures we are, assume things. Now let me break it down for you, you’re at a traffic light and someone on a CD 70 (the most common bike driven) stops next to you, the first thing your instinct would tell you is roll up the window which you do (whilst pretending you didn’t roll it up cause of them). The second thing you would proceed to do if on the drivers side is very slowly move you car forward and all this is done cause you have jumped to a conclusion because he is on a motorcycle.

Another great example of the motorcycle effect is how we perceive people on bikes, many a times we’ve heard our friends or family complaining about people on motorcycles, how they were late cause of one or how another went swooshing by almost touching their side mirror, or heard the phrase “yeh bike waley hotey he asey hain”. Now there are a few bad apples but a majority of people on a motorcycles are just trying to get from one place to the other. Cause of those bad apples we can’t just lump all people on a motorcycle in to one category.

I personally had the opportunity to drive a motorcycle for many months which i did, but i started to notice a change in people, they had started looking at me differently and treating me differently as though having a motorcycle put me at a disadvantage. People around me starting talking about how i had fallen on hard times cause i was driving a bike even though such was not the case. From security guards outside cafes and offices to some of my own friends, everyone had started treating me and perceiving me differently. Which is what generally happens. An individual can have a Mercedes parked at home but if he was to step out on a motorcycle people would start looking at him differently, assuming things and jumping to conclusions.

Maybe some day we can stop stereotyping individuals on motorcycles or individuals in general, but i’m cynical it’ll happen anytime soon.