A volunteer group from Bangkok have an amazing idea to make roads safe, Find out here!

Our roads are not safe for pedestrians, but one group have found a really creative and interesting way of encouraging the road safety standards.  The Thai children walking on the zebra crossing look as if they are stepping from one white board, floating well above the road, to the next, but it is just an optical illusion, created by a volunteer group aimed at making roads safer for pedestrians.

According to Reuters, the zebra crossing outside the main entrance to Wat Bueng Thong Lang school on the outskirts of Bangkok, was painted by students and volunteers, with funding from Thailand’s Government Savings Bank.

It was reported that, from the past four years published this month by the National Health Security Office there were 10,672 accidents involving pedestrians in Thailand, and over 900 people died.

A survey, which was conducted by Super Poll in 2016, reported that about 90 percent of 1,204 people surveyed said they felt ‘unsafe’ crossing a road, even when using a zebra crossing.

Reuters reported that, the group behind the novel approach to zebra crossings has at least three projects to complete in the next six weeks before the venture will be reviewed by the government bank to assess whether to extend further support.