Want to live a happy and peaceful life? Start living near water bodies.

Yes, it is true! Research shows that living near water bodies can make you healthier and happier. You can earn profound benefits from nature. It is indeed a wonderful idea to spend time on a beach, as it brings peace of mind and makes you delightful.

Sometimes we feel unfortunate to live in a world full of technology and science. Mobile phones, computers, and other gadgets have trapped us so forcefully that we have totally ignored the nature, its beauty and the benefits that it blesses us with.

Dr. Wallace J. Nicholas- a well-known biologist has written a book named ‘’Blue Mind’’ that deals with the study of how water can change your health. The doctor also said that over-use of the gadgets and extreme involvement in the social media have left us frustrated, stressed and anxious, which he terms as a ‘’Red Mind’’.

To overcome this Red mind, living near a sea, lake or a river can help you achieve a state of Blue Mind; which brings the ultimate feelings of calm, peacefulness and general happiness. And it is a fact indeed. Spending a day on a beach or going on a holiday to islands like the Maldives actually makes you fresh and maintain inner harmony of body and soul.

It is also believed that going on a sea-side can help you get relief of many health problems as well as the diseases. It also lowers the breathing rate and results in a better workout. Dr. Nicholas also stated that the aquatic therapists are looking forward to treating Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), addiction, stress, autism, and anxiety to treat with the help of water.

Apart from Nicholas’s two-year research, there are other researches too, that came up earlier, stating the advantages of living near water. In fact, a study conducted in 2016 by a UK based project stressed the fact that those who live near water bodies tend to be healthier and happier than those living far away in the commercial areas.

Living in busy streets often cause insomnia due to noise pollution. W. Christopher Winter, author of the ‘Sleep Solution’ in this regard says, that people may sleep better when they are adjacent to nature. This is indeed true. Sleeping close to nature welcomes a refreshing morning.


For a second, just imagine having a home with a beach view. How peaceful would it be, how much freshness it would bring to our lives and so much more? Oceans, seas, rivers are medicine to everything, to life especially. They have a larger value than just the ecological and economic significance.

Embrace nature, and acknowledge the benefits it has in store to offer you!