Ways to protect yourself from this dusty dry weather

Karachi conditions and its weather are two unexpected things that can change quickly without giving a warning. Just like when I woke up in the morning, my groggy mind thought the apocalypse had happened while l slept. I got up and saw no it dust storm.

The conditions are so bad with high speed winds, dry and itchy weather and allergies on full swing its feels like an episode of Bear Grylls  ” man v.s wild “.

So to survive this weather here are some suggestion you can protect yourself from any allergies or bad conditions.

1: Do not overload your hair with products.

2: Wear your hair in a bun with the ends tucked in.

3: Cover your hair with a scarf or wear a cap if you can.

4: Stay hydrated by drinking loads of water.

5: Wear a mask when going out.

6: Cover your eyes, wear shades when going out.

7: Apply moisturiser after every few minutes so your hands don’t feel dry and itchy to protect your skin from the elements.

8: If you have respiratory issues, it helps to have a purifier in your home and the office. Purifiers trap potential contaminants and purify the air up to 90%.

9: Don’t over speed while driving in dust storm.

10: Park where there is shelter or in covered parking lot.

11: Roll up the windows and turn off vents that bring outside air in.