Woman wears 9 Lbs. of clothing on plane to avoid $85 overweight baggage fee

F.R.I.E.N.D.S was iconic television show for a reason, and this woman is living proof. Remember that episode where Joey and Chandler got into a major fight and Joey wore all of Chandler’s clothes to reiterate a point?

Natalie Wynn took a cue from The Joey Handbook in a ploy to avoid paying extra for excess baggage when flying to Fuerteventura with a friend. While checking in, it was revealed that her luggage weighed 9.4kgs, exceeding the weight limit by about 3.4kgs.

The mum-of-five said other passengers laughed and even offered to pack some of her clothes in their cases when they saw how she was planning to avoid the extra fare.

Once on the plane, Ms Wynn asked a flight attendant if she was allowed to take the clothes off before returning them to her suitcase. Even Thomas Cook themselves praised Ms Wynn’s ingenuity and compared her ploy to the episode of Friends in which Joey wears Chandler’s whole wardrobe.

“I was boiling, absolutely boiling. I still had plenty in my case, but I put near enough half of what I’ve put on,” Ms Wynn, from Oldham in Greater Manchester, said.

“I put on four dresses, two pairs of shorts, I tied a dress around my neck, put a skirt on, I shoved two dresses down the dresses I had on and two pairs of shoes as well and a cardigan.

“It definitely worked. Normally, I check the weight of the baggage, but I did the online check-in for me and my friend, but we got to the counter and they just stopped me.

“It was nearly 4kg over, but they wanted to charge us £65 each just to get it on the plane.

“Because I had booked an all-inclusive holiday so was getting all my food and drink, I didn’t plan on bringing much money with me.”

In other words, she would be required to pay 65 Euros extra, which is equivalent to 5,800 INR, in order to carry her entire luggage. Now, paying for extra luggage is every traveller’s worst nightmare. But clearly, this young woman was not giving in just as easily.