Women – a product of our society

By: Barkh Bilal

Young women around us have come across many instances where they have produced the feelings of   shame, embarrassment, and lack of confidence. This has bought cultural factors and the way our society has set the limitations set desires for how a “lady” should look. This thought of a lady’s picture frequently incorporates being tall, having a light composition and being able to run the house rather allowing them to work and earn their own. The “othering impact” is vital to make reference to here. In addition to the fact that women have to experience a clashing procedure of discovering their identity. However we additionally encounter disparagement and disgrace for not complying with societal desires. Lady who has attempted commonly in the past to be what she is. Identity without that weight society endeavors to force on them, frequently made a decision for the duration of their life.

What men what we totally understand but what really women wants is not accepted or being ignored. Education has played the vital role for the society to break such norms which created obstacles for the women living their kind of life. Different events around the world have witnessed that women have always been useful to the society in the times when war’s games were played by the brutal leaders around the world men were killed and lack of numbers created women to reach out and work for the living. American societies during 20’s ladies were confused on their point of view in the public arena. They were uncertain whether it was suitable for them to join the work compel, or on the off chance that they should remain home to deal with the kids. Numerous non-benefit associations, associations, and lobbyist defended the privileges of ladies.  Before long, ladies felt happy with entering the work drive indeed. Ladies likewise start to pick up balance in the workforce. The equivalent pay act was authorized. Also, a few ladies began to work in employments that were once male ruled. Ladies began topping off positions in the administration division, other expert occupations, and numerous other high gifted employments.

We as an Islamic society had always seen the women as a product and male as a user. While the marriage age of the girl is not set in other societies but with us the scenario is different. Here comes the point of marrying your daughter to someone she doesn’t know and we fix it in a couple of hours, does she has the right to say yes or no? Well, that doesn’t matter for us, as we are just dealing on the social status, earning of the groom to be. Do we really care will our daughter be happy with the guy we choose for her?

The dilemma will remain hunting us as far as we don’t let women be independent. We have seen from the beginning of time that it is exceptionally hard to break these social standards since they go back to the path before our grandparents were even born. In any case, understand that history has likewise indicated us we can to be sure break free of societal desires. The manner in which women are depicted presently isn’t the place we might want us to be as a general public; however, we have made a huge change over the most recent few years.