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MET department issues cyclone warning, rise in Karachi temperatures expected!

In a latest warning issued by Pakistan Meteorological Department, a cyclone forming in the Arabian sea is reported.

The cyclone which is currently in depression phase, will turn into deep depression in next 12 hours and is expected to transform into a full cyclone storm in the subsequent 24 hours. The direction of the cyclone, however will be determined in the next 24 hours as to whether or not it’s headed towards coastal areas of Karachi.

The MET Department has requested public to not create panic regarding the cyclone, however authorities are directed to remain alert. Alongside fishermen have also been prohibited from going into deep sea for next 36 hours and remain cautious.

It is also predicted that on the back of rising pressure in sea, the temperature in Karachi will rise in upcoming hours. Following the formation of cyclone, high tidal waves and strong winds are expected in the city.

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