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“Follow Your Passions” – A Bad Advice?

You might have heard people suggesting you to do “what makes you happy” and to “follow your passion” but is that really a good advice?

In such a fast evolving world, don’t you think our passions tend to change too? Passion can be defined as a compelling desire for something or someone but our desires change over time. Although, this advice might come from good intentions but it really doesn’t have good results.

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The reason behind this is that passion itself is temporary. It’s not a permanent thing and if you begin running after one thing, you might be left behind on all the other things in the world. When someone asks you to leave your job and follow your passion, it’s imperative that you remember that while doing what you love is a good thing but leaving your job is the least rational thing you should do.

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What if you don’t even know what your passion is yet? What if you have a passion for singing but you are not good at it? Following your passion isn’t a rational advice one should give. Drop the follow advice and start making your passion work. Start molding it into a reality and make it possible with rationality and hard work.

Passion is the desire to do something; to achieve it and it’s not a onetime constant thing.

When you develop a passion in advance, you will have to match it up to your job. Instead of following your passion, you should be cultivating your passion. You should be developing it along and letting it grow as you age. Passion is excitement and if you have everything planned out and you are ready to act – is that even passion? Do your current job and stick to it and remember passion exists in every field. Don’t follow it. Let it come to you. It will surely be there in every phase of your life so don’t worry!

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