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Here is Why You Must Travel By Yourself Atleast Once!

Travelling makes you serene. We need to get away, once in a while to calm ourselves, to get away from our busy life and travel to the end of the world. Where no one knows us, where you can actually see what you are capable of.

You fall again and again and get back up and why you do that because there is no one to get you back on your feet. You depend only on yourself. 

You get confident. Travelling on your own, meeting new people on every turn. When you meet people, you get to know about their lives and stories and you get a better perception of the world. Travel makes you open-minded.
When you get to travel alone you get to know that there is a good part to everything. You find kindness in strangers and they make you feel welcome even though you have probably met them five minutes ago.

You start to become aware of yourself. There are many fears of traveling alone. You fear that whether you will get lost or you would not be able to get far. But this is the exact reason, you need to go alone. To overcome those fears, you have to face them. Fear of not able to climb that mountain that you wanted to climb for years. Claw your way to that mountain and do not stop. Do not look back. Achieve your goal.

You transform into your better self. All the fears which were stopping you. When you beat them, you become fearless. You become aware of your surroundings. You start to appreciate home. There is no place like home, that surely is true. When you go away from your home, you realize its worth. But first, you need to get away from it.

When you get stuck in one place, you become frustrated, irritated and you stay tired all the time. Doing the same things all the time, not taking a break. It makes your mind clouded. Travelling is like meditation, it makes all this go away.

Get new experiences, see new places, meet new people breath in a stranger city, eat different food, learn about other people and their stories, you will see a reflection of different and better person in yourself. 

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