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Jennifer Aniston says no to social media

Jennifer Aniston has broken a new-age celebrity stereotype by remaining a top Hollywood star despite saying no to social media. Her reason for staying away from interactive cyberspace is clear. “I know when I’m comfortable with something, and I know when I’m not,” the actress revealed.

She said, “They’re doing it through someone else’s lens, which has been filtered and changed…and then it’s ‘like me, don’t like me, did I get liked?’ There’s all this comparing and despairing.”

Aniston turned 50 earlier this year and reportedly imposed a social media ban on her party, though it was broken by a few of her friends, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson.

Aniston, who became a household name playing Rachel Green in the popular sitcom “Friends” over 10 seasons, recalled her own days of struggle and growing up while understand how the pressure works. The 50-year-old actress also revealed her secret to aging beautifully. “I am all about living to whatever age I’m supposed to, as long as I’m thriving,” she said.

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