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Niall Horan Just dyed his hair and fans are freaking out!!

Fans are true example of how can someone be crazy and exceptional at times.

And we have a perfect example, just when Nail haron debuted his blonde locks, twitter crashed and we can’t help with that.

Niall Horan just took us back to the days of his former band, One Direction.

Niall was still brunette when he filmed the music video for his new track, “Nice To Meet Ya,”.Niall returned to the dark side in early 2017, as Niall had to routinely dye his naturally brown hair to maintain his image as the only blonde 1-D member for years.
He said in a interview, “Actually, I do miss the blonde. But I think I just got bored of every month having to go sit there for like three hours to dye it.”

Well, nearly three years is a good wait time to start layering on the bleach again..



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