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Amazon alexa turning into earbuds with other updates !!

Amazon is creating a new pair of Alexa powered wireless earbuds that double as a fitness-tracking device.

The new earbuds, named “Puget,” are expected to come with a built-in accelerometer and be able to monitor things like distance run, calories burned and pace of running.

Also Amazon is also working on a bulkier Echo device with better sound quality, it’s unclear when these devices will be released. Amazon is expected to showcase a number of new products at its annual hardware event in Seattle on Wednesday. No further information has been revealed yet.

These new earbuds fits into the new strategy of Amazon of putting Alexa on a wide platform, as there tagline says from home and beyond.

The new earbuds will give access to Alexa on the go, letting users talk to the voice assistant even in outdoor areas. The bulkier Echo, meanwhile, is designed to be the central speaker in Alexa’s core home market, as it comes with a woofer and a higher-quality speaker than the original Echo.

The new earbuds comes with cellular connectivity, so you can easy connect with your Android or Apple phones.

The new earbuds are expected to be priced below $100, compared to its competitors the prices are quite low. Amazon has traditionally priced its hardware devices below competitors, positioning them as more affordable products.

These earbuds important for Amazon as they would mark the company’s first step into the health monitoring space. Amazon has shown signs of interest in the healthcare industry in the recent times, building a team solely dedicated to “health and wellness” and also hiring a number of healthcare experts.


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