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Here is all you should know about 7th Hum Awards

The 7th Hum Awards took place in Houston last night… well, technically our morning… we can’t with time zones.

It had all the glitz and glamour our award shows have. The show also had its fair share of fun moments, from Ahmed Ali Butt dressed as a literal smartphone to Asim Azhar giving a lovely tribute to icon Alamgir.

While Parwaaz Hai Junoon earned the Recognition Award in Film, President of Hum Network, Sultana Siddiqui, was honoured with the Kashmir Golden Plate Award by the CEO of United Industries Limited, Muhammad Akbar Muggo.

Here’s a list of all the winners at the Hum Awards.

Best Director

  • Kashif Nisar for Dar si jati hai Sila – Winner
  • Danish Nawaz for Ishq Tamasha
  • Aehsun Talish for Suno Chanda
  • Saife Hassan for Belepur ki Dayan
  • Aehsan Talish for Taabeer
  • Ahmed Kamran for Baandi

Most Impactful Character

  • Sakina Samo (Dar si jati hai Sila)
  • Noman Ijaz (Dar si jati hai Sila) – Winner
  • Nadia Afgan (Suno Chanda)
  • Hina Dilpazeer (Baandi)

Best Drama Writer

  • Bee Gul – Dar si jati hai Sila – Winner
  • Misbah Nausheen – Ishq Tamasha
  • Saima Akram Chaudhry – Suno Chanda – Winner
  • Inam Hassan – Belapur ki Dayan
  • Imran Ashraf – Tabeer
  • Asma Nabeel – Baandi

Best On-screen Couple

  • Yumna Zaidi and Osama Tahir – Dar si jati hai Sila
  • Aiman Khan and Junaid Khan – Ishq Tamasha
  • Iqra Aziz and Farhan Saeed – Suno Chanda – Popular and Jury Winner
  • Iqra Aziz and Shahzad Sheikh – Tabeer
  • Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt – Baandi

Best Drama Serial

  • Dar si jati hai Sila
  • Ishq Tamasha
  • Suno Chanda – Popular Winner
  • Belapur ki Dayan
  • Tabeer
  • Baandi

Best Actor, Male

  • Noman Ijaz – Dar si jati hai Sila – Jury Winner
  • Junaid Khan – Ishq Tamasha
  • Farhan Saeed – Suno Chanda – Popular Winner
  • Adnan Siddiqui – Belapur ki Dayan
  • Shahzad Sheikh – Tabeer
  • Muneeb Butt – Baandi

Best Actor, Female

  • Yumna Zaidi – Dar si jati hai Sila – Jury Winner
  • Aiman Khan – Ishq Tamasha
  • Iqra Aziz – Suno Chanda – Popular Winner
  • Sarah Khan – Belapur ki Dayan
  • Iqra Aziz – Tabeer
  • Aiman Khan – Baandi

Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Male

  • Osama Tahir – Dar si jati hai Sila
  • Faizan Khawaja – Ishq Tamasha
  • Tipu Shah – Suno Chanda – Winner
  • Osama Tahir – Belapur ki Dayan*
  • Yasir Hussain – Baandi – Winner

Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Female

  • Saman Ansari – Dar si jati hai Sila
  • Kinza Hashmi – Ishq Tamasha
  • Nadia Afgan – Suno Chanda – Winner
  • Sakina Samo – Dar si jati hai Sila
  • Hajra Yamin – Baandi

Best Actor in a Negative Role

  • Noman Ijaz – Dar si jati hai Sila – Winner
  • Kinza Hashmi – Ishq Tamasha
  • Amar Khan – Belapur ki Dayan
  • Yasir Hussain – Baandi

Lifetime Achievement Award

Winner: Alamgir

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