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Mehwish Hayat: Goodwill Ambassador for girls’ rights!

Mehwish Hayat is just getting started with using her celebrity for what’s right..

Whether it’s calling out Bollywood for stereotyping Muslims or raising her voice against human rights violations in occupied Kashmir, Hayat is fighting the good fight. It’s no wonder that she was the Ministry of Human Rights choice for Goodwill Ambassador for the Rights of the Girl Child.

Sharing the news via her Twitter account, the actor wrote, “This is something close to me and I look forward to actively raising awareness of the issues to be addressed. Lets give girls the better future they deserve.”

In the video, she adds, “‪This is a very proud moment for me, that I could play a crucial role in getting girls their rights. I want to see a Pakistan where all women are given the opportunity to get an education. Join me on this mission because I believe if women are given their rights, they can change the world.”

The Ministry of Human Rights Government of Pakistan’s official account also revealed the news with a video featuring Hayat:

“A girl who will study will stand on her feet, a girl who will study will be independent. She’ll be an intelligent mother and she won’t just change herself but will change the lives of everyone in her house and make it prosperous for generations to come after. A girl who will study will make her nation strong. Pakistan’s law grants women the right to study for free, when we’ll educate our girls, only then will we move forward,” she says.

The announcement came a day before International Day of the Girl Child, October 11.

We couldn’t think of a more deserving actor for the job. Go get ’em, Mehwish!

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