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This Country Has A Solution For Teenagers Smart Phone Addiction! Find Out Here.

The cell phone has become an integral part of our life, we can’t seem to function without them. However, we can’t ignore the fact that we have become addicted to our smartphones.

South Korea has taken an initiative sending teenagers to detox camps to help treat their addiction to their smartphones.

South Korean government monitored camps are free, aside from an $84 fee for food, and located away from the city and close to nature, so teens can disconnect. Many of the camps are held in youth training centers and are 12 days long.

These camps promote activities like arts and crafts, outdoor sports, meditation, and scavenger hunts, as well as group and family counseling sessions.

As reported by Now This, in 2019, South Korea’s Ministry of Gender Equality and Family reported to hosting 400 middle and high school students at 16 detox camps across the country. During the camp, teens talk about excessive phone use and self-control.

According To Now This, the ministry of Science and Information and Communications Technology found that 30% of teens last year were classified as over-dependent on their phones. In a 2018 government survey, 15% of South Korean teens who responded said they were addicted to their smartphones.

Spending excessive time on phones can affect teens and can negatively impact their school performance, and in the long-term, studies have linked excessive usage to bad posture, sleep patterns, and emotions related to anxiety and depression.


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