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Stranger Things season four will not return next summer

The fourth season of the celebrated Netflix show was officially announced last month with a teaser clip that sent viewers giddy with excitement. However, it doesn’t look like the hunt for Jim Hopper will be kicking off until next autumn at the absolute earliest.

The torpor you’ve presumably been in since that fateful day when season three ended is going to have to be extended a little longer than many of us hoped, after it was revealed that the series is unlikely to return in time for next summer. But before we get to that earth-shattering news, let’s talk about how many episodes we’re likely to be treated to this time round.

It was confirmed that the upcoming series of Stranger Things would be shorter than the last, with eight episodes rather than season 3’s nine. This is in keeping with seasons 1 and 2, which each consisted of eight episodes.

If show bosses decide to pace the show with its time of release, as has previously been the case, this means we could expect to see a wintry Upside Down next time around, rather than the ‘Summer in Hawkins’ vibe that went alongside season 3’s Fourth of July celebrations.

While it may be a long road to new episodes, Stranger Things’ writer have been taking to the show’s official Twitter account to provide hints at what fans can expect.

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