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Woman quits full-time job to make videos of her eating takeaway for living

A woman has quit her full-time job to pursue a career on YouTube eating McDonald’s, Chinese takeaways, Greggs and Pizza Hut.

Charna Rowley, from London, films herself consuming around 5,5000 calories in a sitting and up to 40,000 people tune in to watch her tuck into a meal.

This unique type of video is known as Mukbang and is a trend that originated in South Korea, where people talk to their audience while binging on food.

In order to spend more time making these videos, Charna has decided to quit her job as an admin worker. Charna Rowley waved goodbye to her full-time job last year to pursue her own online eating show twice a week.

The aspiring vlogger films herself gorging around 5,500 calories per meal for her viewers, and she eats anything her online fans request — from a Chinese takeaway to McDonald’s.

She has no plans to stop eating on camera and her “ultimate aim” is to work her way up to eating 10,000 calories in one go.

“I’ve just got to show how confident I am,” she says. “I might get something stuck in my tooth or around my mouth but people love how funny I am.

“I have the negative ones, telling me how fat I am, how I could be pretty if I try not to eat so much but most of the time I just don’t answer.”

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