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Joker Sequeal in process with Todd Phillips, Joaquin phoenix

Joker is officially getting a sequel with Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix set to return.

The idea of a Joaquin Phoenix-led Joker sequel has been floating around ever since the film was released to critical acclaim. While doing press rounds for the film, both Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips flirted with the idea of returning for a Joker sequel, but the director revealed that he’d only do it if it had the same thematic resonance as the first film. After Joker crossed a billion dollars, the film almost guaranteed a sequel was going to happen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Todd Phillips is developing a Joker sequel with Joaquin Phoenix also set to return. Todd Phillips used the films massive success to get Warner Bros. execs to green-light the sequel and also to gain access to another DC character. It’s unclear if Todd Phillips will launch his Black Label DC Films branch, but it definitely seems like we’re going to be getting a lot more of these elseworlds stories on the big screen.

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