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This state of the art rehabilitation center is only for rich, Find out here!

One of the most exclusive rehabs in the world, attracting A-listers, royalty, and people worth more money than entire countries.

According to Vice, Saudi royalty, politicians, Russian oligarchs, business tycoons, trust fund kids, and A-list celebrities have brushed their teeth in this marble bathroom and slept on this suede bed while confronting addictions to everything from Cocaine to Xanax Paracelsus Recovery is one of only a few clinics which form the elite tier of the luxury rehab market, unrecognizable from the functional rehabs available to most people who run into drug problems.

In return, with the help of a coterie of 15 specialist staff, including psychiatrists and nurses, patients receive a bespoke “one client at a time” service, tailored around their every need.

Vice reported that anyone staying here gets the full VIP shebang: 24/7 limousine transportation, a personal chef, a butler, and a concierge.

Then there’s the exclusive access to a five-star hotel spa, a live-in therapist (who sleeps in the spare room) and an extensive array of astronaut-style laboratory tests and medical check-ups to assess their brain and body biochemistry.

The place only hosts around 20 clients a year here in the global banking hub of Zurich, but its staff is also dispatched abroad to treat wealthy clients who either do not have the time to come here or who require aftercare.

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