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Ryan Reynolds is a video game character in the Free Guy trailer

Video game movies might still be struggling but it looks like we’re getting a film about video games.

The latest Ryan Reynolds-starrer, Free Guy shows the life of a character in an open world video game similar to GTA.

Ryan Reynolds isn’t even a mission delivering NPC in Free Guy, he’s just a background character who has now decided to take control of his own destiny. From the looks of it, his enemies will be the players who log on to play this game while fellow characters will side with him.

The film looks like one gamers and non gamers would enjoy… after all, it does have Ryan Reynolds in it. The film is being made under 20th Century Fox which has a pretty savage opener for the trailer, addressing the rights being bought by Disney. The trailer pokes fun at Disney’s reboots and while one would expect the film to have a similar tone to the films mentioned, we realise it was more of a remark on the originality of the idea.

Free Guy releases on July 3, 2020.

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