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Have you ever broken a sweat over thinking about what the future holds for you?

Lately or whenever, have you noticed yourself break a sweat over thinking about what the future holds for you? Or over what you have decided for your own future?

You and I have, had and will have future ambitions. Things we want to do, want to be, people we want to love, places where we have to be. We worry, we panic and we work hard…

But we fail, we try only to fail and only to settle for less, thinking this is as good as it’s going to get because no matter how hard we try, we fail.

We fail to realize that we only have to be right ONCE!

One idea, one opportunity, one conversation, one incident, one event, one gig, one song, one love and one moment of absolute confidence in your own self and after that nothing stays the same.

Real life examples help us to understand the power of only being ‘right once’.  Maybe your own stories or the stories of other people who you might know help you understand.

You are not going to struggle your entire life but you are going to struggle to get to your moment of being right. You got this!

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