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Signs of a strong woman!

Strong women are classy, courageous and confident. They know more than anything else that taking care of your own self is a must.

That’s why they do not look upon anybody else to swoop in and save the day for them. They do not wrap their heads around unimportant things since they see beyond them.

They are mature enough to understand that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, but when the imperfections outweigh the good things, there is no reason to keep moving forward with their man.

They respect themselves enough to not stay in a relationship with a man who doesn’t treat them well. They do not need a man who lies to them or wants them to change. They know that relationships are about trust, compromise and sharing.

They aren’t people-pleasers or doormats. They just know how to set healthy boundaries in their relationships. They never do anything they do not want to do. They want to spend time alone and they do not need or want anyone’s help. And they are surely not afraid to say NO if something does not feel right.

They aren’t desperate to fill their calendar with random dates with men that they aren’t interested in. They would rather be alone for the night or hang out with their friends than waste their time with somebody who isn’t their cup of tea.

They know that their happiness is within their control. They know that when they tie their happiness to external factors (such as other people), they can’t get in the director’s chair of their lives.

They know that they can make themselves happy and that they can be complete on their own. And they are really happy on their own — they know what makes them truly happy, take care of themselves and practice self-love.

They do whatever they want on their own schedule and put their wants, needs, desires above anything else. They just fill their day with tiny things they truly love.

They pamper themselves, whether it means splurging on a purchase they want to make, spending the night in with a face mask and a good TV show, watching a movie marathon, listening to music, taking a relaxing bath, or going shopping. They do not feel guilty about treating themselves or making themselves a top priority.

And that’s why they aren’t desperate for somebody to “plug into” so they can charge up their happiness battery. They do not let themselves be so desperate to find love. And they do not need a romantic relationship to validate their self-worth.

They understand that there is no point in wasting time with such people. They value their time and energy and know that being single is much better than being in a relationship with somebody who does not deserve their attention. They do not want a man to be just an afterthought in their lives. They want somebody who can be a teammate, a real partner.

They aren’t completely closed off to the possibility of a relationship, and they do not make it their main focus either. They live their lives to the fullest and are open to men, but they date with the mindset that their time is precious.

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